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DRC Half Marathon Training Program
Information for Program Participants

Training Tips | Formal Group Training Runs | Training Routes | Regular Pace Leaders

Training Tips

What to Bring to the First Training Session by Dave Bintz
How Fast Should I Run? by Don Vanslyke
Hydration Tips
The Dangers of Painkillers by Dave Bintz
Running - Wisdom, Tips, and Lessons Learned by Greg Hall
The Spirit of Running - Part I by Greg Hall
A Lesson a Loop by Dave Bintz
Hot Weather Running by Greg Hall
Why Do I Run?, Author Unknown, Poem provided by Program Participant Bryan Crabb
Stretching Exercises from Dr. Chris Miller of Chirosport
Running Hints by Ed Countryman
On-the-Go Refueling Options by Nikki Davis
Running Nutrition by Greg Hall

Formal Group Training Runs

Every Wednesday: 6:30 pm at Winfrey Point at White Rock Lake. Click here for a map...

Saturday, November 24: Group Long Run - Newer Runners/Walkers and Veterans: 11 miles

Saturday, October 20: Group Long Run - Newer Runners/Walkers and Veterans: 11 miles

Saturday, September 29: Group Long Run - Newer Runners/Walkers: 9 miles, Veterans: 6 miles

Saturday, September 15: Group Long Run - Newer Runners/Walkers: 8 miles, Veterans: 9 miles

Saturday, September 1: DRC Breakfast Bash 5 Mile

Saturday, August 18: Group Long Run - Newer Runners/Walkers: 6 miles, Veterans: 9 miles

Training Routes

3 miles
4 miles
6 miles
8 miles
9 miles

Regular Pace Leaders

Dave Bintz - 7:00-8:00 pace
Don Vanslyke - 7:00-8:00 pace
Greg Hall - 8:00-9:00 pace
Shannon Metcalf - 10:00 pace
Ed Countryman - 10:30-11:00 pace
Molly Anderson - 10:30-11:00 pace
Jimmy Sellers - Alternating running and walking, up to 11:00 pace
Nikki Davis - Alternating running and walking, 11:00+ pace, and running at >11:00 pace
Jean-Maria Higginbotham - walkers, 14:00-15:00 pace
Luann Bruster - walkers, 15:00+ pace




Last Revised September 17, 2007

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